Jonathan Clyde


The journey of music started in 1987 when I was introduced to the alternative genre swayed by the British bands and their musical influences. There is an interest in punk, new wave, and indie music experiencing the wide-ranging alternative sound. The influence of the music in the communities brought communities together through their lyrics and music. This definitive reaction to music made me realise that music is a language of expression in meaning set to music. My fascination for music has led me to want to know more about the alternative and rock genres.

In the early nineties, I was a great follower of South African bands that would perform at gigs and concerts including the introduction of overseas artists gracing our shores. This interest in music led me to sound engineering with over twenty years’ experience, assisting local bands, although I am not actively involved today I do dabble with engineering from time to time.

I have always had a love for radio and it was my introduction to internet radio in 2018 that I discovered my passion. Sharing the love for music that I have discovered, over the years is a great privilege to be able to present on Rebel Rock Radio.

The Alternative Universe introduces the alternative genre and the various styles of music stemming from it, based on the foundation of rock.

Join me, Jonathan Clyde on The Alternative Universe, every Wednesday from 11 to 2 pm only on Rebel Rock Radio.

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