VaN tHe MaN

VaN tHe MaN has been speaking in funny voices and doing impressions since the day he could talk. He then became obsessed with music when his father, Mr tHe MaN, played him his first Led-Zeppelin track and taught him how to play the guitar around the age of six. Being raised on the classics and living in modern times has given him a great appreciation of all good music regardless of the era it comes from. It is from this vantage point, stuck in the middle of old school and new school, that VaN tHe MaN will entertain you..


The Middle with VaN tHe MaN is a perfect blend of old school and new school, mixed with a sprinkle of VaN’s signature brand of ridiculousness. Its got hot funk, cool punk (even if it’s old junk), chill indie, soulful blues, and even the occasional cheeky pop track every once in a while. With old to the left of us and new to the right, there VaN will be. Stuck in the middle with you!


Mondays & Tuesdays 7pm to 10pm.

Wednesdays to Fridays Midday to 3pm